Medication refill policy:

Please allow 48 hours for refills that can be phoned into your pharmacy. When requesting refills you can e mail or text or call in name, name and strength of medication and pharmacy name and phone number. Controlled substance written prescriptions can not be called in, so expect refills to take longer and plan accordingly. Medication refills should only be requested during normal business hours, not in the evening or on weekends, as I may not get the message in a  timely fashion. 



Existing patients- remember your login is your e-mail and birth year your initial password, until you change it. 


New Patients- I am sorry to say my practice is full. Please check back in a few months for an update. 


Emergency procedures- Scheduling and medication refills are not emergencies. Please be mindful of when you need refills and plan ahead. If you have an after hours emergency there may be times you will need to use the emergency service numbers listed on this website under the tabs crisis numbers or useful links. In addition please try my phone number, not e-mail if there is a situation that is urgent. If I am away, there will be instructions on my voicemail with covering doctor's information. 


Prior Authorizations:

I do not participate with insurance companies, and I feel prior authorizations are meant just to save insurances money, not at all to benefit their members. If a prior authorization for a medication is needed, please call your insurance to fax me the appropriate forms, and I will fax information back to them. I do not have the office staff to spend on phone calls with insurance administrators. If a prior authorization is not approved, please ask your insurance for alternate covered medications.